Unlock the full potential of your ride with the EXED Handguards - crafted to deliver unparalleled durability and performance. Engineered with superior materials and thoughtful design, these handguards offer ultimate protection and style, setting new standards in dirtbike parts.


Superior Material Aluminum Bars
Made from 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, these bars surpass standard options in strength and corrosion resistance.


Enhanced Protection
Our deflectors feature a polyamide blend providing superior durability and flexibility.


Effortless Installation
Designed for easy setup, our mounting accessories ensure a seamless fit without interfering with cables.


Introducing the EXED Handguards, your ultimate partner for navigating the most rugged trails and wild adventures. Designed not just to protect your hands but to redefine what durability means in the world of off-road riding. With our handguards, it's about more than enduring; it's about Ex(ce)EDing all expectations.

The Bars, crafted from robust 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, offer a thickness that outmatches the competition, enhancing your bike's armor with superior strength and corrosion resistance. This alloy, known for its high performance, ensures that we're not just adding protection; we're upgrading your entire ride experience.

Meanwhile, the Deflectors are made from a durable polyamide blend adding flexibility and even greater durability than standard OEM versions. Together, these materials work to keep you pushing forward, where others might turn back.

Ready to toughen up with EXED? Our handguards aren't just about surviving the journey—they transform your ride into an unstoppable force on any terrain.


Our Handguards are available in six vibrant colors: white, grey, black, orange, blue and red, each carefully chosen to complement your dirt bike’s aesthetics. Orange is perfect for KTM enthusiasts, red suits GASGAS and Beta bikes, grey adds a sleek, understated touch while white and black offer universal appeal, fitting any model.